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Gender Reveal Loveys

Make it a Surprise with Gender Reveal Loveys

Bond with Baby 4D’s Gender Reveal Loveys are centered around the exciting gender reveal celebrations with new parents! They come packaged in a box with a special poem on the front and a fun Old Wives Tales prediction game on the back of the box to do prior to opening. There is also symbolism included about each lovey to make it even more meaningful. Along with the loveys, we have included a set of adorable milestone stickers. This allows you take monthly pictures of your precious baby next to their new lovey, so you can see how they grow over their first year of their life.

There are three girl loveys (a cat, bunny, and lamb) and three boy loveys (a lion, monkey, and fox).

It will be a complete surprise as to which lovey you pull out of the box. This is such an exciting way to find out the gender of your baby and a special keepsake all-in-one gift.

Kit includes: 12 inch lovey, milestone stickers (1-12 months), special symbolism about your new lovey, an Old Wives Tale game to play on the back of the box.

Dimensions: 12″ tall

Material: 100% Polyester