• Prenatal Massage Therapy in Mt. Pleasant

    Prental massage therapy can offer great relief for expecting mothers.

    Prenatal Massage coupled with chiropractic treatment for mothers-to-be helps break the pain cycle caused by the stresses and changes in your body during pregnancy. Back pain is very common during pregnancy along with swollen feet, muscle pain and other tension. Our Licensed Massage Therapist specializes in prenatal massage and elicits change by physically stretching tight muscles to relax spasms and by unlocking restrictions due to trigger points, restoring motion to the body so you can move naturally and feel good. At Bond with Baby 4D, we not only offer amazing HD Live, 4D and 3D ultrasounds, but we work closely with the chiropractic staff of Charleston Chiropractic Center (located just down the hall) to ensure that moms gets the most benefit from the combination of chiropractic and prenatal massage.

    Prenatal massage can help increase circulation, promote relaxation, and relieve muscular tension from emotional and physical stress.


    Licensed Massage Therapy for expecting mothers. Safe and stress-relieving –  $95.00/hour


    Services available on request. Most major medical insurances accepted.

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